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High Performance Surf Coaching

In and Out of the Water.

The Fast Tracked Way to Catch Waves Starts Here

Your session at Peaks n Swells will give you the foundation to get out there with confidence and knowledge. Our coaches combine a passion for surfing with the technical expertise you need to progress at any level—whether you’re standing up for the first time or looking to perfect your maneuvers.  They’ll work closely with you in the water, but it doesn’t stop there. You coaching here also includes:

  • Dryland technique lessons on popping up, turning and board positioning.
  • Pool sessions on paddling, duck diving and turtle rolling.
  • Video analysis to break down form and timing.
  • Wave theory class to help you understand how to choose the right waves.

The coaches are great and the mix of theory and technique was perfect. From teaching the fundamentals, to working patiently to advance our skills daily, we really felt lucky to have this kind of instruction in the water. This is not a commercialized surf vacation. This is a relaxing, friendly, beautiful place with awesome surf coaching, and great people.

Adam W.

The coaching is unparalleled and you feel like you’re hanging with local friends the whole week.

Amy S.

Surf Coaching

Peaks ‘n Swells was founded on the mission to provide performance coaching to motivated individuals wanting to get the most of their precious surf time in the warm waters of Costa Rica. We offer technical, high performance coaching designed to get you out there -because catching more waves is way more fun!

Pool Sessions
Dryland technique and Theory

Our Amazing Coaches

Peaks n Swells Surf Camp Head Coach, Ed Bocas

Ed Wylie

Head Coach

Ed developed a life long passion when he became addicted to surfing at an early age in Australia. After teaching surfing for over 7 years Ed delved into snowboard instructing, it was there that he realized surfing was missing a systematic and structured way of coaching that existed in the ski and snowboard world. Since, Ed has been heavily involved in developing surfing programs and teaching techniques for beginner to advanced surfers.

Kara Sparkman, Peaks n Swells Surf Coach

Kara Sparkman

Surf Coach

A beautiful long boarder and our resident artist, Kara learned how to surf as a young adult living in the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for surfing led her to Costa Rica, where she now coaches and continues to paint. Kara provides support in the water, working with children and adults to make sure every guest feels confident and safe. Her art sessions back at camp allow guests to translate their Costa Rican experiences into beautiful pieces of artwork.

Coach Alejandro Delgato

Alejandro Delgato

Surf Coach

Alejandro Delgado has grown up here in Montezuma embracing the pura vida lifestyle. Competing on the national circuit for the past 3 years, Alejandro is able to compete with the best of them while finding the joy of watching someone progress on the surfboard. Alejandro is stellar at finding the best waves out there in all types of conditions. He is also amazing with kids!

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