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The Benefits

Yoga has far reaching benefits for any sport-mainly for developing a stronger core and balance.  Yoga becomes even more beneficial to your health when you suddenly start surfing several hours a day.  There are few other sports that put you in the position that surfing does and it is important to keep your body limber after some big surf sessions.  Surfing relies on your core strength, which is great for transferring back to skiing and other sports.  Many people are surprised how much they get into yoga after trying it.

Yoga classes at Peaks ‘n Swells embrace the Costa Rican environment.  Wake up and stroll over to the yoga session looking out at the ocean, surrounded by jungle and let some of the most talented instructors lead you through a surf tailored session.

Yoga at Peaks ‘n Swells

Each of our daily classes have a slightly different emphasis but the focus is always on the physical benefits of yoga for surfing which means flexibility and mobility. There is usually a mix of ability and previous experience within the group but our yoga teacher will tailor each class to you as much as possible.

Our Amazing Yoga Instructor

Our Yoga Instructor

Dagmar Spremberg

Yoga Instructor

Dagmar moved from Germany to Los Angeles in 1996 and began practicing and studying yoga. After moving to New York, she intensified her studies and trained with certified Anusara teacher Elena Brower at Virayoga. She moved to Montezuma, Costa Rica in 2001 and founded Montezuma Yoga, began teaching yoga and organizing yoga retreats with international renowned teachers of all styles.. In addition to teaching Vinyasa flow yoga classes, she continues training and recently completed an Anusara Teacher Training with Lois Nesbitt from NY. Dagmar is a 500-hour certified E-RYT with the Yoga Alliance and an Anusara inspired teacher As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC she compliments yoga with her work as a certified Holistic Health Counselor.

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