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Why Choose Us?

  • Location

    The Nicoya Peninsula is a world-renowned destination for surfing. Our location at the tip of the Peninsula means access to multiple breaks, including sandy bottom beach breaks, left and right point breaks, and boat accessed breaks for the more advanced surfer. Depending on conditions, we will introduce you to numerous breaks and give you the skills to need to feel confident and have fun! For a detailed description of the breaks, please visit the Location & Breaks page.

  • Our Philosophy

    We want you leave Peaks n’ Swells with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to surf in new places that you go. As former pro mountain bikers and avid skiers, we felt that the same technical approach used in teaching mountain sports could be applied to surfing. Our camps are not about pushing you into wave after wave, they’re about pushing you to become a genuine surfer with professional instruction, high-performance boards, and technical analysis both in and out of the water.

  • Instruction

    We have searched throughout the world to bring together our talented team of coaches at Peaks ‘n Swells. Different styles of coaching suit different guests so we have worked hard to bring  a diverse team together. Our technical curriculum is followed by all of our coaches but delivered in a way that makes sense to each guest.  All of our coaches will break down essential surfing skills like popping-up, carving vs. trimming, and more so that you have the knowledge you need to take your surfing to the next level. We also believe strongly in low guest to coach ratios to maximize your time in the water ( We never exceed 3 guests to one coach and often have a guest with their private coach). All of this is done with the goal of having you leave PNS with the knowledge to keep you progressing in surfing. For more on our coaching technique and bios, please click here.

  • Safety

    Allowing you to learn in a safe environment is our priority. Our instructors are certified lifeguards, many with the highest level international certifications available. We have a 1:1 ratio of coach to child in the water at all times, and maintain a maximum of 1:3 ratio of coaches to adults. In addition to surfing skills, we will teach you safety techniques and signals in the water to make sure you never feel out of your comfort zone.

  • Experience

    The surf life! Our camps are designed to give you an authentic surf experience, and that includes enjoying the laid-back, healthy surf life here in Costa Rica. We’ll have fresh, healthy snacks at every break, an evening bonfire after a sunset session, fresh coconut water to re-hydrate, relaxing massage, and surf-specific yoga sessions. Our family has been in Costa Rica for 25 years, and we’ll share our knowledge with you on the best restaurants, activities and things to do in the area so that you feel less like a tourist and more like a local.

Surfing at Peaks ‘n Swells

Whether you’re brand new to the sport, or looking to improve your surfing skills, getting out into the waves everyday with top notch instructors is our #1 priority here at Peaks n’ Swells. Sure, we’ll pamper you with relaxing massage, fresh and healthy local food, and plenty of time for a nap in the hammock, but the reason you’re here is to surf!

Second to none Surfing at Surf Camp Peaks n Swells in Costa Rica
Second to none Surfing at Surf Camp Peaks n Swells in Costa Rica

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