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Happy Surfers Say:

“This place is the best, with great instruction, awesome accommodations, friendly location and superb waves.”~Kim Kircher

“The family surf camp was OUTSTANDING in every respect. Our kids, ages 6 & 8 are begging to go back next year. Every one in our family learned to surf…The food was fresh and delicious, the property stunningly beautiful, and the Harrison family and crew the most gracious and uncontrived hosts you could ask for.” ~Emily Bradbury

“I can confidently say that I learned more in a single week at Peaks N Swells as I did in my previous 2 or 3 years trying to surf. For anyone looking for true improvement in their surfing, Peaks N Swells is the place to go. They will not put you on a soft-top board and push you into waves, but concentrate on finding the best conditions and board to match every individual’s unique capacity for improvement.” ~Ulrike Kroetsheck, Olympia, WA.

“Peaks ‘n Swells operates out of the most amazing beach villa I could imagine. The grounds are gorgeous, with a diversity of plants, trees, and jungle life. With a pool, outdoor bar and grill area, manicured lawns, beachfront property and fantastic hosts, there really aren’t any reasons to leave. Except to surf!” ~ Juniper Buller, Whistler, BC.

“I have spent years working on my surfing and have been given pointers here and there but it wasn’t til I went to Peaks N Swells surf camp that I noticed and felt a drastic improvement in my surfing. Hillary the organizer was incredibly accomodating. She ensured each of us were getting exactly what we needed out of the camp.” ~Jamie Addario, Squamish, BC.

“Peaks n Swells was an amazing experience for my whole family, kids ages 4, 6 and 8. Everything from the property on the beach with a pool, the amazing food, all the different surf breaks, the great surf instruction for everybody’s level, daily Yoga overlooking the beach,…Peaks n Swells hooked us up! If you are looking for an active, fun, adventurous vacation that does not include any tourist activities this is for you! We are already planning the next trip! -Ashley Sargeant, Stowe, VT.

“If you are looking for a truly cool and adventurous trip with the whole family- Peaks n swells does it for sure! We felt so lucky to find this camp over the larger surf camps that have more of a big group- tourist mentality. We felt special and part of the local town right away. Our kids got tons out of the cultural aspect as well” ~ A Sajer, Seattle, WA.

“I would go back tomorrow if I could. I would have never left in fact! But alas, the real world was calling and I had to leave. All I can say, is that if you are looking for a surf camp and are weighing your options in some of the more touristed towns to the Peaks and Swells camp, choose this one. It will blow your mind.” ~E. Lubell, Portland, OR.

One of my best surf trips! I normally would not be the one to go to a “surf camp”, as I generally like to get away from people when I travel for surf and explore the place I am going. My experience at Peaks and Swells, changed that idea for me. This place was amazing, one of the most consistent places there is to surf. Left and Right Points, Beachbreaks. The surfing was good everyday we were there. Not to mention, the insane location, the accomadations are super rad, nice pool and the food was amazing. If I brought home two things it was the food and the surfing. Hillary and the crew at Peaks killed it and I would no doubt do another surf camp with these guys.” ~C. Gius, Hood River, OR.

“Not only are the accommodations beautiful, serene, and relaxing, the staff is beyond attentive and great fun! The food was delicious, with tropical variety, the rooms were very comfortable with simplistic elegance, and the surf coaches were all ready to teach you to be on the fast track of surfing! Wether you are going to Costa Rica to relax, to learn how to surf, or just to get great refined coaching, Peaks ‘n Swells is an amazing place to go! I can’t wait to go back!” ~ L. Young, Hood River, OR.

“Maybe the best thing I can say about Peaks N Swells is that we chose to go back this year for another week of family surf camp, and it was even better than year one (which was amazing!). All of the reviews site top-notch surf instruction with Chris Johnson, and this year he was joined by Martin who provided a more analytical approach. Together they enabled everyone in my family to ride bigger and better waves, and have a blast doing it! While the surfing is the centerpiece, it’s all the many, many details that make this family camp so outstanding: fresh, healthy food; beach bonfires; regular monkey and iguana sightings; comfortable and beautiful accommodations; professional photography; and daily yoga with the incredible Dagmar Spremberg.

The small size of the camp makes it very personal– we felt more like guests of the Harrison family and left with many new friends. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” experience. Hillary tailors every aspect of the day– from which break to surf to what time dinner is served– to you and your family. Kids activities might include climbing coconut trees, checking out the turtle sanctuary, or walking into town for a fruit smoothie while the adults do yoga. Again, the staff is tuned into the kids’ energy levels and interests. I’ve been home for 4 days and am already trying to plan a trip for the fall!” ~E. B, Stowe, VT.


Surfing really changes your life.

This was sent to us from one of our favorite little girls after she returned home from surf camp. Surfing really does change your life!

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