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Inwater photography available for your surf sess!

By August 7, 2010February 22nd, 2019Blog
surf photography Montezuma and Cabuya Surf Camp

Who wants to miss a moment like this?

Everyone wants to go home with the money shot no matter how modest you are- it’s just a great image to keep your surf dram alive away from the waves- and trust us- just because you leave the ocean- the dreams of riding tubes don’t fade!

Peaks ‘n Swells has got you covered with your surf shots!  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get just the right shot when surfing with us- from in-water photography to give you the perfect angle to telephoto lens shots taken from the beach, we got you covered.

Wanna capture the dream even more?  John Ussenko will be in the water with the crew one day filming your rides so that you can take a video home with you

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