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Bounty of the land…

By February 21, 2013February 22nd, 2019Blog
Lunch at Peaks 'n Swells Surf Camp after a great morning at the point break!

Lunch at Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp after a great morning at the point break!


Here at Peaks n’ Swells we believe that if you want to perform the best during your surf session, have
the energy to explore the next cove or waterfall, to recover and recuperate after yoga and well deserved
naps then you need to be eating fresh, healthy food. We are just as passionate about making sure you
are getting delicious, nutritious, locally produced food as we are about ensuring that you get the best
surf coaching and yoga experience possible.

The beautiful land where Peaks n’ Swells sits on the edge of Montezuma on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, provides us with a bounty of unbelievable fruits and vegetables; coconuts, avocados, mangoes, star fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers, chilis, ginger and more. The wonderful family who take care of the property lovingly look after the fruits and vegetables until they make their way to our hands and mouths. Meaning that a lot of the food we eat has an average food mileage of 0.01 miles…

Fresh coconuts ready to drink when you get out of the water each day.

During our surf sessions we always have some of this fresh fruit and snacks ready to help fuel us up for more surfing.

The fresh Pipas (coconut water) is alwaysextremely popular; these coconuts contain more electrolytes then any sports drink on the market, are one of the only things that humans can survive on solely and can also be used as intravenous hydration fluid. These serve as the perfect way to hydrate during a week of surfing! Plus, once you’ve finished all of the water inside you can smash it open and enjoy the gorgeous flesh inside… yum.


Costa Rica is famous for its great fishing and seafood, and Montezuma is no different. The local Pescadero (fishmonger); often has Tuna, Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi and more freshly waiting to be picked up. It’s not unusual however for the fisherman to walk straight up from the beach with their catch to the house; seafood doesn’t get much fresher than that! It makes for the most amazing Ceviche, and Fish Tacos.

Organic-Markets Costa Rica MontezumaThe organic food movement is very prominent here in Costa Rica, with sustainable farms and markets springing up all over the country. The weekly Montezuma organic market is made up from a co-operative of farms that provide a wide variety of delicious produce. You can also find local honey, coconut oil, baked goods and more amongst the friendly crowd.

Fresh homemade gazpacho at Peaks n Swells surf camp Costa Rica

Gitza, Nora or our resident Fitness Director, Gem, then passionately put all of this fantastic food together for another delicious feast here at Peaks n’ Swells!

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  • Emily says:

    Picking mangoes from trees on the property was a highlight of the trip for my kids, and watching the monkeys steal them from our porch was even better!

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