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The Experience of Learning to Surf translated into Art

By July 22, 2013February 22nd, 2019Blog

Learning to surf.

A person’s connection to the natural world through surfing can be a powerful catalyst for positive change and growth” – Kara Sparkman, Surf Coach and Artist at Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp, Costa Rica

For those of you who visited Peaks ‘n Swells this past spring, you will remember our amazing team member Kara and if you are coming to camp in the Fall, you are sure to enjoy your time with her.

Kara is not only an awesome long boarder but she is an incredibly talented artist and key member of the Peaks ‘n Swells Team. During camp, Kara works closely with our head surf coach – Martin and provides support in the water, attentively looking after surfers both in the white water and out at the point breaks of Cabuya.

Kara finds the environment at Peaks ‘n Swells Surf Camp very unique and takes the opportunity to use the down time in between surf sessions to get adults and kids alike to translate their experiences of learning to surf into art. During Kara’s art sessions, she encourages people to express themselves in a playful way. Being in the plentiful “rich coast” of the Costa Rican jungle with all it’s stunning flora and fauna and experiencing so much in the ocean surfing, it is easy to find inspiration to create amazing pieces of art.

Learning to surf in Costa Rica at surf camp.Putting yourself out there and showing your artistic abilities can be an intimidating process. Just like trying anything that is an expression of your inner self it is easy to let the ego get in the way. There are so many parallels with the process of learning to surf and creating art that Kara’s art sessions are an incredibly calming and reassuring way to process all that you are experiencing during your stay.

Kara says of her art sessions; “It is so amazing to see parents and kids work together to create pieces, and then gain the confidence to work separately on their own images. Groups of adults whom don’t usually draw or paint may experience access to an aspect of their creative mind that may not have been exercised in years.”

The pieces of art you create during your stay are great to take home as amazing reminders of your time at the camp or great gifts for family and friends. Kara also has some her own pieces available for you to take home as well.

Kara is passionate about the ocean and sharing this passion with others. She believes that a person’s connection to the natural world through surfing can be a powerful catalyst for positive change and growth. Kara LOVES surfing, especially on longboards and at a right hand point break, and she loves it when someone she is working with experiences this stoke too.

Peek in on Kara’s awesome outlook on learning to surf in a video here! 



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