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Not just the Best Surf Destination in the World?

By January 15, 2013February 22nd, 2019Blog

surf camp activities hikingI recently talked about 10 reasons why I believe Costa Rica is the Best Surf Destination in the World.  Peaks n’ Swells runs it’s camps out on the Pacific Coast of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. Due to it’s consistent year-round warm surf, and the variety of waves that this coastline boasts, make it a perfect surf destination for beginners and rippers alike.

For most people however, when you have a partner who doesn’t surf, kids and only a limited amount of time, a vacation is not just about the surf. Luckily, Peaks ‘n Swells home of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula isn’t just a surfers haven, it’s simply paradise.

surf camp activities horse back ridingOur family surf camps create the opportunity for everyone to get out and follow their passion. We haven’t met a kid yet that didn’t love surf camp and all the activities they got to do during the session. Our surf sessions allow for every member of the family surfing or not can come along to the surf break which can be fun for relaxing, building sand castles, shell hunting, and playing in the water. It’s an amazing solution to a family with lots of interests including someone with a keen interest in surf!

Here are some of the other activities that can be enjoyed during the session. For the adventurous types, there are countless pursuits you can do to earn yourself a cold local beer at the end of the day. Here are a few…

surf camp activities Hike a National Park – Just minutes from the Peaks n’ Swells Camp is the oldest National Park in the whole of Costa Rica – the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. The best bit – a dip in the warm Pacific Ocean at the secluded beaches.

Go wildlife spotting – We have not one but 2 wildlife filled Nature Reserves bordering our Camp at Peaks n’ Swells. Once you have explored Cabo Blanco, you can head into the Curu Nature Reserve, where you can spot many different species of monkey, bird and maybe even the elusive jaguarundi.

Take a horseback ride – What better way to explore the coast than a horseback ride along the open beaches of Playa Grand and Playa Cocolito, which neighbor the Peaks n’ Swells Camp.

Jump into a waterfall – just minutes away from the Montezuma town center is a set of three waterfalls, which cascade one after the other down into a large pool at the bottom, truly one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls. You can go in for a refreshing dip or climb the rock face to jump into the fresh water flow.

surf camp wildlife

Go Zip-lining – Take a tour of the jungle from 150ft up in the air, You may get some funny looks from the curious monkeys though.

Go Snorkeling – Just off the coast from the Camp is the picturesque Tortuga Island. After just a short boat ride you can adventure underwater to find your own Nemo.

Turtle Watch – Right out front of our camp is a turtle sanctuary. You can time your trip so that you get to see the mama turtles lay their eggs on the full moon or the baby turtles hatch at the new moon.

surf camp wildlifeDon’t forget the fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, ATV’s and golf, if you have the time and energy! Or, if you’re a real adrenaline junky, why not sign up for a Mountain Bike & Surf Adventure with Peaks n’ Swells and Big Mountain?

Along with surfing, yoga is the prominent activity on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. A great way to start the day, energize your body, stretch-out after a surf or a terrific workout in it’s own right, yoga in Peaks n’ Swells home town of Montezuma can be a family activity or a spiritual journey. Classes run daily at many different times in the area, at some of the most beautiful settings imaginable; from secluded yoga decks in the jungle, to overlooking the lush greens and aqua blues of the coastline below from the hills. Peaks ‘n Swells runs daily yoga sessions looking out on the ocean, with some of the best Yoga Instructors in the country.

surf camp activities yogaOf course it doesn’t have to be all adventure and exercise, from relaxing massages by the shore to rejuvenating natural spa treatments, luxury in the jungle is easy to find on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula.

Our little town of Montezuma, is a beautiful jewel on the coast with jungle surrounding the town. With an eclectic International community, there is no shortage of great restaurants, shops, live music and organic markets to keep your senses alive.

Whether you’re trying to please the other-half, want a surf adventure or a relaxing escape, Peaks n’ Swells and the Southern Nicoya Peninsula have got you covered.


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